Property Sourcing Specialist

We Are Property Experts

Property Sourcing Specialists was founded upon the ongoing and increased demand for our property sourcing services. Business Owners, Directors, Investors, Celebrities, Movie Stars, Sports Stars, High Net Worth Individuals, Royals, Politicians and Internationals have required our sourcing services on countless occasions.

Being known or a person of significance, can play a huge part in the negotiation process and usually not in a positive way. Property and land agents commonly assume that those of importance will pay asking price or more for no reason other than assumption. 

This bizarre disadvantage is one of the many reasons the services from Property Sourcing Specialists are utilised. 

PSS also saves its clients time, money and privacy. As a known figure, you don’t want the world to know your every move or endeavour. 

Property Sourcing Specialists, find, assess, view, offer, negotiate and secure property on behalf of its clients. 

With over 40 years in the property sector, PSS know many estate agents and know how to put offers forward, gauge genuine prices to secure assets and gain access to properties before they go on sale to the open market.

PSS can help throughout the buying process with its network of partners who offer services such as removals, logistics, interior design, furniture, decoration, electrics, security and all other general builder related services. 

PSS represents you in a discrete and discretionary manner throughout the process in order to keep your identity private. In doing so, giving you full confidence in your selections without judgement and pricing that does not exploit your reputation.

Contact Property Sourcing Specialists today to start your property journey in a discrete and fair manner.