About Us

Property Sourcing Specialists is known amongst those who wish to keep their identities private throughout the property buying process. Whether it before for your dream home, another property, holiday home or investment property. Regardless of your reasons and desires to buy a property, your spending habits do not need to be known within the public domain. 

Property Sourcing Specialists is referred to and recommended by Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Royals, Politicians, High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, Movie Stars and Sports Stars all rely upon the services PSS has to offer.

Achieving a fair price is far more achievable without the agent knowing who is behind the offer and this is where Property Sourcing Specialists excels

Furthermore, Property Sourcing Specialists understands that as a well known individual, your contact information is confidential and you wish for it to remain scarce from the public domain, yet another reason not to allow estate agents to have your personal information.

  Property Sourcing Specialists has achieved great success for its clients and we estimate to save those we work with around 15% on average in costs and typically 100% in discretion.